Introduction to YourVoiceCLT

Thank you for checking out YourVoiceCLT, a Charlotte Community Survey Panel!

We are committed to hearing all voices and making this panel look as much like Charlotte as possible. This means age, race, ethnicity, location, political affiliation, etc. If you choose to sign-up, you will see these kinds of questions on your profile. These questions help us be sure that our findings represent all of Charlotte. If the findings do not reflect all of Charlotte, we do not want decision-makers using the information.

We promise to do everything in our power to keep your information confidential. In addition to the security of the survey tool we will be using, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Institutional Review Board, which reviews the ethics of research, has and will continue to review this resource. You can contact us or them at anytime with any questions.

To start, we will be accepting participants from Mecklenburg County only, but hope to expand to the region in coming years.

As we build, we welcome your input – and not just on the surveys! Please share your thoughts, comments, and questions by email or on social media.

Check back for survey results and how our findings are being put to action!

Relationship with UNC Charlotte

Working under UNC Charlotte ensures high-quality survey research while protecting your personal data. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at UNC Charlotte ensures that no harm is done to any individuals. Your non-identifying information like zip code, age, sex, educational background, and other demographic details generally asked in the census, is the only information used to deliver results benefiting the Charlotte community.